Discount Tire Company Reviewed

Discount Tire Company has been around since 1960, and has become known as the biggest tire store in the world. You may have seen their outlets in California, Oregon, or Washington called "America's Tire Company", or even seen their TV ads where an older woman chucks a tire through a store window. However, buying discount tires online from this company has it's benefits as well. Read on...

There are actually a lot of attractive aspects to dealing with Discount Tire. Online purchasing could not be easier. Their website is very well laid out, and it's easy to research tire ratings and find the best tires for your needs. Be sure to keep an eye out for great deals with discount tire coupons also. They even have great financing promotions with zero percent interest when you buy tires from them. Keep in mind however that these zero interest cards get you if you don't pay them off in the agreed amount of time. Otherwise the interest rate is about 30% on the entire amount... ouch.

Discount Tire Company has really made buying tires online as easy as can be. When you buy tires online you'll notice their "Shop for your vehicle" tool right at the top. This is a great way to quickly drill down to your car model/year and get the best tires for your needs.

How buying from Discount Tire Company works:

The easiest way is to do most of your shopping online. Read non-biased tire reviews online (such as what this site offers), then decide what tire store fits your needs and budget. It's quick and easy to buy tires online, and if you choose Discount Tire then here's how it goes down.

  1. Look online to find the tires that meet your needs (tire ratings, driving conditions, etc)
  2. Watch for discount tire coupons at their site (you can really save some money this way).
  3. From their website you'll enter your zip code so they can find the closest Discount Tire store.
  4. Buy your tires online right from their site
  5. Schedule an appointment to have your tires installed at one of their stores.

Buying Tires Online Couldn't be easier... right?

Well, as always there are those that have complained about service, but it certainly wasn't a reoccurring theme from what we could see. There are actually many many good positive reviews on Discount Tire Company. Please use the form below to let us know your experiences.

As stated above, you'll likely find the best tires for your car when shopping for tires online here. Just looking at Goodyear alone you'll see over 40 different tire models. Michelin and Bridgestone have even more.

Final word... Discount Tire Company is a great place to purchase tires, especially when buying tires online. Their prices are great when you look for their discount tire coupons, and their website has fantastic tools for quickly identifying the best tires for your needs. The online reviews from their customers are mostly positive as well. Even if you have a Discount Tire store near you, start with their site tools.

Also, be sure to read our review on Sears Tires and Walmart Tires. Both of those stores let you buy tires online as well.

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