Discover A/T 3 cooper tires

by Bob
(Freeport, IL)

Several years ago on our Buick, we had Cooper tires and we didn't have them long because they were too noisy, years passed and we needed new tires for my Ford Escape and found some really nice treaded tires, but they were Cooper, we remembered the others were noisy, but figured it wouldn't happen again. We bought 4 Discover A/T 3 Cooper tires 11/2012, only 2 yrs & 3 mos ago. They are sooooo noisy, we can't have any passengers in the back seat and when alone I have to blast my radio to cover the tire noise, which is bad for the ears. Money is really hard to come by and we spent $600 when we purchased them, but we have decided we just can't stand them any more and will purchase new tires as soon as we can save up the money. I just wanted to let you know we DO NOT recommend Cooper tires to anyone we talk to that says they are looking to get new tires.

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