Don't go to Discount Tire

by Ken Dreger
(Bertram Texas)

Well, I just got back from DISCOUNT TIRE! I am SO FRIGGING MAD I can hardly contain myself... I ordered 2 new Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus radial tires for the front of my 2012 Infiniti M37 because after 46K miles they needed to be replaced (Michelin Primacy MXM4 - 245/50R18 99V). The local store here in Marble Falls TEXAS ordered them yesterday and I went in today at 0830 to have them installed on the FRONT! They rang up the amount $400+ and proceeded to bring the car into the bay, lifted up the car and took a POWER Driver to the lug nuts first! Every nut was then HAMMERED out of the socket! I asked what the hell was going on and why they were doing this. The explanation was "Because of heat they expanded and have to do this removal type" Heat! Really, I drove 14 miles to the dam store and it is 73 deg outside not 100 Deg! Every lug nut is now chewed up! Then they removed the rear tires.........I did not ask them to do this they took it upon themselves to go ahead and do it, they balanced the rear tires and when I noticed that they removed the rear tires I WENT BALLISTIC! I told them to put the old rear tires back on the rear and the NEW tires on the front and get me the hell out of this store! At that point the store manager came to me and tried to calm me down offering me a free set of tires and lug nuts for me being so UPSET! I told him NO, he could NOT BUY my opinion and that I have NEVER been to a tire store that did not do as the customer wishes. Then they decided that the NEW tires would go n the BACK and the older tires from the back would go to the FRONT! I explained to the 3 people now around me from the store about how safety is first and you ALLWAYS install new tires on the front and keep the best tires for the rear when you only buy 2 tires at a time! I made it very clear that I wanted the new ones on the front and old tires on the back were to remain there. When I got to the car they had the NEW tires on the BACK! AGAIN I went MAJOR Ballistic!

At this point I came unglued and they offered again to give me 2 free tires and again I said I cannot be bought! They then said it was the store policy to install the new tires on the rear and move the back to the front! I checked with the Infinity manual and I was correct, unless the tire is marked as a directional tire they should be swapped, but SINCE I did not want the rear tires replaced they should have left the original tires on the rear. The store manager stated it was company policy to make this choice and that I had no say in it! REALLY! NO Say in my own safety! Discount tire, you will NEVER get any of my business or from anyone I talk to about tires and this posting will go all over the Internet!
To say I am a little pissed with DISCOUNT TIRE is probably a understatement at this point. I offered then to purchase 2 new front tires to resolve the issue and satisfy myself. They offered to replace all my lug nuts by ordering new ones and I agreed to that.

NOW, Will I ever recommend DISCOUNT TIRE to anyone! N E V E R! Not a chance in hell.... and I will only go back to get the replacement lug nuts and am DONE with this chain!

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Sep 28, 2015
Ken Dreger - You Are Wrong NEW
by: Bobby

For your information, two new tires should go on the rear, not front. You turned down two new tires b/c you are an arrogant, know it all who in fact is clueless about tires and acting properly to people who work for a living. I can deal with arrogance and a know it all, but not from the same person, at the same time.

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