Don't understand all the bad reviews

by David
(Monett, MO)

The Goodyear Eagles were OEM tires on all of the 3 Chevy Impala LS models I have owned. All 3 cars got over 70,000 miles out of the original sets. When I replaced them with the local tire dealer's Yokohama recommendation, I was terribly disappointed. The tires were fairly good tires, but handling suffered, road noise increased, and I only got about 30,000 miles out of the replacements. I went back to the GY Eagle's and will never put another tire on my Impalas ever again. While I can't explain the reviewer's results that only got 20k out of theirs, my experience was vastly different. My driving habits were mostly highway speeds, very few dirt or gravel roads, most of the mileage was on trips of less than 50 miles. Rotated whenever I thought about it. Never run underinflated, etc. As they say, YMMV.

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