by James
(Redmond, Oregon USA)

I urge you to never buy Cooper truck tires. LT 235 80/17. They are very unsafe. I am a physician and will report this as objectively as possible. I have a 2004 Dodge 3500 with 70k miles. At 10,000 miles one of the tires suddenly delaminated a 3x14 inch area. The dealer gave me a $25 credit and then charged me a mounting fee for the new tire. At 14,000 miles the second tire also delaminated while driving on the highway. These tires caused over $3,000 in front end and 4wd components. I am fastidious about rotating and pressure at 75lbs.

For the safety of your family, animals and rig, I urge you to never buy Cooper tires. I replaced all with Michelin M/S.

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