DynaPro AS 10 ply

by Bryan
(Georgia, USA)

I have a 2013 Ford E-250 cargo with factory tires, DynaPro AS 10 ply, and third one has just separated on me in the last 3000 miles. Tires were rotated every 8000 and tire pressure maintained 60 psi front 80 in the rear,as recomended by Ford. Tires have less than 44,000 mostly hwy. miles and not carried over a half ton. They still had tread wear left but no help from Hankook or Ford. I understand you can get bad tire no matter how good the brand, but 3 factory tires separate within 3000 miles that have less than 44k on then. What are the odds of just a bad tire? Hankook is Dogdook in my book and I will never own another set.

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