Eagle RSA P225/60R16 tires

by Don Howell
(Coal Township, Pa)

I bought a 2000 Monte Carlo SS in June 2010 with only 16K original miles, it now has 25,000 miles and the Eagle RSA P225/60 R16 tires now need to be replaced. I don't know but think they are the original tires due to the low miles on the vehicle. It does seem weird that at 25,000 mile I would be replacing the tires. I have had Goodyear tires in the past and have been happy with wear and performance. I am very surprised at how much it will cost to replace the tires with the same brand and after reading these reviews don't know about replacing them with another Goodyear tire as reviews seem to indicate as very high volume of unhappy customers. If these statements are true you think the US Government would take some kind of corrective action.

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