I bought 4 brand new tires from Mazda. They are goodyear RSA brand. It hasn't been a year yet. I've had a leak. Dealer suggested to replace stem. I replaced it. My car is starting to shake. Now I've had my tires rotated and rotated and rotated!!!. Even though I had them rotated none could get to the root of problem. I came home and pulled up reviews.

I found out that others are going through or went through the same!. It appears that goodyear tires are CRAP! I don't feel safe driving. A lot of people complained of tires blowing out, a lot of shaking and tires going flat. I pray my tire doesn't blow out due to tires that should have never been sold to me. I'm going to keep on top of this issue until someone resolves this matter. I just want to say to every salesperson who sell tires that they know are not safe! How would you feel if you had a love one get involved in a critical accident due to someone trying to make commission?

Think about others instead of yourselves!!!
Goodyear companies support your customers before you don't have any!!! Enough is enough selling unreliable tires!!!.

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