Excellent Tire

by Ronald Donovan
(Lawrence Kasnas)

I bought a set of these back in 2006 on my 1999 Honda Civic. I have put probably 70,000 miles on them and am finally ready for a new set of tires. The tread isn't even worn out, the rubber is finally just getting hard and starting to crack. Not bad for lasting almost 9 years of daily use! I think the UV light from the sun just eventually broke the rubber down. My car has been parked outside every day.

I have not babied them either. I tend to corner hard and had always worn out the outside edges of my front tires very rapidly with previous tires. I had a set of Yokohamas that lasted maybe 15,000 miles before these. The amazing thing is these Michelins not only lasted over 4X longer than the Yokohamas they also have more grip.

These tires have been excellent both in torrential rain and record snowfall for Kansas.

10 out of 10. Best tires I have ever owned. My next set will certainly be another Michelin tire.

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