F-150 With Michelin xc lt4

by Tyler Foley
(Bellefonte Pa.)

I am not sure how many miles are on the tires as I bought the truck with them on it. But I've had it for three years now and they have not worn more then 3/32 over 15k on em. They ride and handle excellent. Snow traction is adequate. They do well in trails, they worry me with sidewall strength. Where I hunt I drive up through a rocky trail and hold my breathe praying they don't puncture. They do well off road but like I said thin Side wall. Now that may just be my sets load rating. I will not be buying another set only because I want a more rugged tire. Like an all terrain. Especially like the bfg a/t ko. I need more off road capability and better snow capabilities as well. But otherwise a fantastic tire.

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