Far better than the rest!

What many people don't understand, is that different tires have different effects, depending on the car you drive. I,ve read amazing reviews on the Hydro Edge tires in the snow, but on our car ( 2011 Altima) they are very poor on ice and snow. NOW,( I believe), this is not the fault of the tire, but rather the fault of the car,pertaining to weight distribution.I find my Altima is poor on ice and snow,regardless of brand of tire,....,but excellent in every other way. So, people will comment on poor traction of the Hydro-edge on Altima's, but its not Michelin's fault.

On the other hand, I drive a 22 year old truck(mint condition...my hobby), with Michelin's on it. I,ve owned it since new, and have previously had 5 sets of tires on it. Good tires. But, without question, Michelin's have given me the most trouble-free, vibration-free, and smooth rides I have ever experienced.

I believe that my opinion on Michelin's is effective, being that every other tire on my truck has slightly pulled, vibrated at certain speeds, and rode poorly, and the Michelin's don't do any of that. 22 years of driving the same vehicle should say something.

Michelin's are the only tire that will be on my vehicles,unless you can show me something better.

Bet you can't!

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Dec 08, 2013
And............. NEW
by: Anonymous

“Horses for Courses” and as long as you are happy what the hell! “You Pays Your Money and Takes Your Choice.

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