by Richard Oliveira
(Dartmouth, MA )

I have had nothing but problems with these tires. To give you an idea of what the problem has been like I have had to replace tire's all around the car at least 2 times one or two tires at a time. Since I have had these tires I have had two blow outs, numerous flat tires (only once was an issue with the rim), tire cracks in the inside walls and today I have been informed that one tire has a crack in the inside wall and another with a bubble in the inside wall. The tires never get worn out because I am constantly replacing them for some reason or another.

I have now called Goodyear and if they don't give me the satisfaction I want then i will be purchasing another brand of tire. In fact I am now looking at the many Japanese tires that get good ratings. This has been a frustrating ordeal with these tires. I always have my car tires rotated and whenever the car needs an alignment it is done. All to make sure I maintain the tires at all times to try to reduce these problems but it doesn't help.

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