Goodyear Assurance Comfortread have a short life.

by William

These tires were mounted on a Toyota Highlander SUV and came with an 80,000 mile warranty. After driving 44,800 miles, the tires were worn down to the wear bars and must be replaced. That's not good service, receiving only 56% of the warranted miles.

We are a retired couple and I take excellent care of the tires. They are rotated frequently and on the first week of every month I check inflation and add air as needed. Air pressure is kept at 32 PSI. We drive gently and at posted speeds. Most mileage is in the neighborhood. To Goodyear's credit, I will add that the tires were comfortable and much quieter than the original equipment, harsh riding Japanese tires.

Still, I'm disappointed at the poor mileage. These were not cheap tires. I like to buy American but don't see how to continue with so little choice left. As far as handling, the tires performed well in rain and of course dry pavement is no challenge. We don't have any experience with ice or snow.

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