Goodyear Assurance Tires - Nice!

by Karen
(hartford, ct, usa)

I've had the Goodyear Assurance tires on my 2006 Toyota Highlander for 6000 miles. They ride smoothly, noiselessly, comfortably, and handle perfectly! I drive a mix of highway and town roads, so I'm not an aggressive driver. I don't go off-road with the vehicle. It's been a rainy summer in New England, and these tires gripped the road and handled great in the downpours we endured.

I expect these tires will last another 50,000 minimum before I need to check the tread for replacements. I would replace these tires with the Assurance model, if Goodyear still offers it!

I also gained about 1 mile per gallon after I had these tires installed. Nice, unexpected benefit!

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