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Fuel Max tires

Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tires are among 2009's best tires for low-rolling resistance ratings (according to Consumer Report). So what does it mean to be a tire rated high in rolling resistance? Basically, it's all about fuel economy.


Low-rolling resistance tires minimize the energy wasted in heat. Lower heat resistance in the tire translates to better efficiency. Since 5-15 percent of fuel is consumed overcoming resistance, a low-rolling resistance tire such as the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max could mean a savings of 1-4.5 percent in gas. This statistic is from the California Energy Commission, and they qualify this statistic by saying "current data were also insufficient to compare safety and other characteristics".


The Goodyear Assurance ComforTred

It's all about comfort and a smooth ride. These tires place a very dense and shock absorbent layer of rubber between the steel belts and the tread. The claim is from Goodyear is that there is 20% more cushion then regular tires. If you're looking for a comfortable ride, then the Goodyear Assurance ComforTred may be relief from road vibration and noise.


Goodyear Assurance TripleTred.

Designed as an all season tire, the TripleTred rates very well in light snow and wet conditions. The TripleTread design from Goodyear also makes for a very durable tire. The TripleTred design is comprised of three tred patterns on the tire. These are the "Ice Zone", the "Water Zone", and the "Dry Zone"

Goodyear TripleTred


What are owners of these tires saying?

Positive Comments:

  • "I replaced my car's original tires with TripleTreds after about 40K miles. Immediately I noticed a big difference in how the car handled. The traction was terrific, the ride was smooth, and the road noise was greatly reduced."
  • "I put these on two of my cars and have been very happy. The traction is terrific and the wear is as good as the tire reviews say"
  • "Handling is very wet weather is amazing. Great looking tire too"
  • "The TripleTred tire is one of the best tires I have owned (as far as an all-season tire goes)"
  • "I can't say I have notice much of an increase in gas mileage with the FuelMax tires, but I do have to say that this tire offer's a comfortable ride. Also, the folks at the Goodyear Tire Center were fantastic"
  • "The ride on my new Goodyear ComforTred tires is outstanding. I replaced the tires that came with my Honda CRV with these a few months ago and couldn't recommend them more. I don't know how well they handle in harsher driving conditions as I live in Southern California."

Negative Comments:

  • "I replaced my Michelin Energy tires with Goodyear Assurance tires. I live in an area that gets heavy snow and the Goodyear's were a bit louder. I do have to say however that the traction in the snow is really good."

Final thoughts and review from Tire-Reviews-Online:

The TripleTred tires had much better of an all-around tire review than the ComforTred or Fuel Max. The mileage benefits from the Assurance FuelMax isn't easily qualified, even as stated by the California Energy Commission. So if you're buying for the sole purpose of saving money you may be disappointed. Keeping your tires properly inflated, rotated, and keeping up with alignments would serve you just as well.

The ComforTred tires did have quite a few positive comments out there. That extra layer of rubber will be noticed if you drive a car that delivers every vibration right to your car seat. We would suggest you consider the ComforTred if you currently notice road noise and vibration. Based on these tire reviews you should notice a good improvement.

All in all, most regular car owners will be very satisfied with the Assurance TripleTred tires. If you live in an area that has mild road conditions, or even light snow and rain, you will likely be satisfied with this tire.

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