Goodyear Eagle RS-A (235/50R18) on 2013 Impala LTZ

by James A
(Xenia, OH)

These tires came stock on my 2013 Impala LTZ. One of the tires went out after about 50,000 miles due to a puncture from a road hazard (not the tire's fault). The other 3 tires lasted exactly 105,792 miles. I believe they were down to about 2 or 3/32 remaining tread. This was a lot of highway driving on the interstate at around 70 MPH. The tires handled well. I never noticed any issues in the snow or rain. I would have bought more of these tires when I replaced them but they seemed a little more expensive. No complaints here. This is definitely the most mileage I've ever gottem out of a set of tires (or at least the 3 tires that made it all the way through).

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