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Eagle F1 GS (All Season)

Goodyear Tires Sales Pitch: Two Carbon Fiber reinforced sidewalls provide a greater responsive experience. V-Tred technology increases wet traction control for High-Performance Drivers"


"Directional OneTRED™ has three tread zones for increased traction and handling. A sleek appearance (V-TRED™ Technology) has excellent traction in wet conditions, and a smooth, quiet ride (AAtrax tread compound) for "AA" wet traction rating. Wet and dry traction is outstanding without sacrificing tire wear. Rim protector protects wheels from curb damage"

"Goodyear's Maximum Performance radial for summer weather. Developed for driving enthusiasts... excels in rainy conditions and delivers a resistance to hydroplaning... not designed to be driven in icy or severely snowy conditions"

"OneTRED technology offers three different patterns to improve both dry and wet handling in both snow and ice... a continuous "center zone" delivers consist ant contact to the road. Straight-line tracking as well as immediate steering response is notable."

TireRack: "The Goodyear Eagle F1 is third out of four summer tires, beating the Continental ContiSportContact 3 in a head-to-head test by our staff. Our testers say the Goodyear feels slightly less precise in sharp turns than the other tires, but still capable."

Car and Driver: "The Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 wins this test of 11 high-performance tires at Car and Driver. Reviewers used The Tire Rack's BMW 325i test car and test track in three days of wet and dry testing. Although this article is a few years old, all of the top picks are still on the market." 

Consumer Tire Reviews and Comments:

Positive Tire Reviews:

  • "I love this tire. It is the best I've ever had for rain driving on the street or track"
  • "The traction and responsiveness is terrific when driving very aggressively."
  • "These Goodyear tires have met and exceeded my expectations."
  • "They have fulfilled all the good things said about them in TireRack reviews and tests, in auto magazine articles such as C&D 12/2005, and in Consumer Reports."
  • "In the wet, the tires grip unbelievably, and reach their limit gradually and and always under your control."
  • "These tires are the best for ultimate traction, aggressive steering, and smooth transitions into curves."
  • "Navigating in winter driving and on ice was very good. I could stop better than nearly all the cars on the road. I live on the East Coast and tend to drive fast on the highway. After over 14,000 miles I highly recommend these Goodyear tires for serious drivers."

Negative Tire Reviews:

  • "These may not be the best tires for racing on a track. There are not tread blocks, just ribs that protrude over the side. The outermost corners are carved off."
  • Sugarland, TX "Hard riding Tires. Noisy... didn't perform well... Came with the car and I intend to replace them."
  • "Difficult to find the right mag to fit this tire size and dimension"
  • "Not as good on drive pavement as other tires"
  • "Not as comfortable than other brands"

Tire-Reviews-Online Summary of the Goodyear Eagle F1 GS:

Goodyear Eagle F1 is among the highest reviewed tires for rainy conditions. The experts state that the Eagle F1 consistently beats other summer tires in the same class for wet surfaces. Owners of these tires state that the resistance to hydroplaning has been amazing.

Critics state that this Goodyear Tire ranks up with the top summer performance tires with regard to hydroplaning. Unlike other high-performance tires, this tire doesn't wear as quickly. For dry road conditions, the MIchelin Pilot Sport PS2 beats the Eagle F1 in that the ride is said to be more comfortable.

For wet weather conditions, the Eagle F1 GS-D3 shines especially well on wet roads. However, if you are in very cold or icy conditions this tire may not be your best choice (consider the Michelin Primacy MXV4).

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