Great tires - Bad service!

by Gregg
(Little Rock, AR)

Ok, I purchased the Uniroyal Long Touring 80,000 mile tires and they are great. My wife took the car in to have them rotated for the first time and the scratched up all 4 of her brand new wheel covers.

The worst part was that they argued with her about it the whole time, first the counter person, then the tire dept. manager, and then the asst. store manager one by one ganged up on my 4'10" wife and told her that THEY did NOT do this... I was able to step in and speak to the manager and assure him that the wheel covers were new, and after they reviewed a video tape of the tire rotation and the abuse of the new wheel covers... They offered and made a complete replacement of new wheel covers for us, but never once offered up an apology or admission of any kind. Sam Walton would be crushed if he knew who was managing his stores.

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