Great tires - long lasting and good mileage

by Andy Wangstad
(Phoenix, AZ)

Michelin Latitude Tour tires came on our 2010 Ford Escape. In two years, we've put 62,000 miles on them driving all over the country and Canada. To be honest, they're the best tires I've ever had and am looking to replace them after we get another 10,000 miles on them.

I simply cannot believe they've lasted this long. Mileage has been great - on a recent trip on a "scenic highway" driving between 35 and 55 mph, I got over 37 mpg! But usually we get about 30 mpg on highway trips with freeway speeds as fast as they are. I don't usually care what brand tires I get, but these will be replaced with the same. Costco has a good price.

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