GSA Eagles Don't Soar Long

by Gary S
(Cincinnati OH)

Last year I purchased a new 2013 Ford Taurus SEL with sport appearance package which included GSA Eagles mounted on 19" rims. Initially I was concerned about the bumpiness of the ride with the 19" rims, but the benefit of grip and better handling overcame that within the first weeks.

Over the 1st year at 23K+ miles the tires have become increasingly noisy and feel like they're going "out-of-round." The Ford dealer's answer has been to rotate and re-balance at every oil change, which only makes the noise worse. Realizing they are "performance rated" tires, I don't expect the same tread-wear as a traditional all weather radial.

But, seriously? I've had Michelins and Bridgestones on previous vehicles that were similarly rated lasting well beyond 40K miles only to be replaced simply due to tread-wear, not being out of round, noisy, or increasingly hard riding. Goodyear supposedly puts tons of R&D and advertising into the Eagle tire line on television and the racetracks of America...c'mon, these tires are terrible!!! And if manufacturers like Ford wanted to do themselves a favor they would yank the Goodyears off their production lines.

I do not plan to ever buy another car with Eagles, nor will I ever buy Goodyears as replacements again. I had a similar experience many years ago with Goodyear Eagles on an SUV, but figured it was a one time issue. Fool me twice, but not thrice.

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