Happy With Results

by James Newdeck
(cape may court house,new jersey)

I bought a set of 4 Cooper CS4s from a local mechanic and had trouble with them because I felt a vibration in the steering wheel at 55 to 60 mph. I returned to the mechanic and he told me he rebalanced all 4 tires again and to try it now as he had not had any complaints about the tires before. I tired them for a week and still had the problem. Again i returned and the mechanic got in touch with the tire distributor who sent in 4 new tires which were installed on my car and now it rides like a dream.

I just want you to know the situation as there was a defect in your product which was corrected promptly , thank you for your quality of your guarantee. James Newdeck newdeckj@yahoo,com

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