I Have had GOOD luck with my RSA'a 225/60/16 97H

by Dallas Hubble

I have a 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo SS Pace Car Replica and have had very good luck with my RSA's. The first set we got 40,000 miles and the second set we got 60,000 miles. They handled great and was good in the wet and snowy conditions .

We now have Michelin's Primacy MXV4's and are not thrilled. We tried these because Goodyear quit making the H speed rated tire and the salesman said he did not think we would like the v rated. After using the high performance Goodyears for 10 years, I can tell you these Michelins are NO performance tire. They corner lousy and when you stop at a light they take off slowly like they are heavy.

I do not Hot Rod and I am 61 yrs old. But with the sport suspension on the Monte Carlo SS, the Michelins just don't get it. Michelins make a good touring tire but Goodyear makes a better performance tire..period.

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