I like RSA's on my Maxima

by Duncan
(Ontario, canada)

I'm amazed at some of the statements in the negative reviews. I find these tires very grippy and predictable in dry conditions, a little less so in wet. I like driving my 2008 Maxima hard on twisty roads, and I am always impressed with the capabilities and sheer predictabilty of this tire. I have never found them noisy. I have never tried them on snow and ice as I prefer to use a dedicated winter tire.

Considering the bad reputation Goodyear seems to have for premature wear on all of its Eagle performance-rated tires, I don't think the wear has been as bad as I expected, but they will not likely go more than 25-30,000 miles or so. This comment is made after approximately 13,200 miles.

My only complaint is trying to figure out if there's a preferred (rotational direction) on these with the assymetrical tread.

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