I really like my Michelin Tires

by Janet T.

I drive a Nissan Altima. In early 2010, I purchased 4 Michelin Primacy tires. Before these, my tires were very old, and did not drive well in the rain. Being a very aggressive driver, it was very dangerous for me. I would often skid or slide. I can’t say that I’m one that normally reviews tires, but I did want to give my positive input on these Michelin's.

Since I have purchased my new Michelin tires, the rain driving has been worlds better. I have not skidded or slid even one time on the Primacy tires in then rain. I have also noticed that the ride I a lot smoother. I am not very knowledgeable about cars, so this was a great added bonus for me! The only issue that I have had was driving in the snow. I live in south Louisiana, so it doesn't snow much, so perhaps it was just my driving skills!! I also commute an hour to school every day, so having a good set of tires is very important.

My buying experience wasn't very good though. Since I am a woman, they tried to over charge me!

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