Knot on side of tire

by Mike

P185/60R/15 CS4 tire, set in a wooden rack 3-1/2" off the floor over the winter. Went out to put it on my sons car, and there was a bubble/knot a little larger than a golf ball.

I took the tires off myself last fall, and inspected the tires prior to putting them in the rack.

Called my dealer, and he said to bring it down, and he'd see what he could do.

Today, I found out that he/COOPER allowed me $21.00 toward a new tire !!!!

Said it appeared by the bubble, that it had, "hit a object in the road, causing the bubble" !!!

WHAT?? It was fine when I put it up, and its been stored in a rack !!!

I went ahead and got a replacement, but that is IT !!!!!

COOPER customer service sent me a scripted e-mail telling me the same thing !!!!!

There's 6/32's left on the tire (half worn).

Their customer service is terrible. AND, IMO, their warranty is useless.

OH, I was, (no longer), a COOPER user.

I've bought "15" sets of 4, COOPER Tires in the last 10 years.
No wonder they sold out to Indonesia !!!!!!!!

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