Latitude OEM tires would not balance.

by William Prall
(Cookeville, TN)

My 2011 SRX came with the Latitude touring from the factory. At the first rotation they developed a vibration. The shop told me that they were a road force + 26 and that they could not balance them with weights. They had to "true" the tires that removed many miles of wear. They are running smooth now, but tread is getting close to needing replacement at only 23,000 miles.

Very disappointing results from Michelin. I may go back to the GoodYear triple tread that gave me very good results of over 60,000 miles on a 2004 EnvoyXL. I might also look at the new Cooper tires to replace these tires.

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Jan 22, 2013
Reporting back on warranty request. NEW
by: William Prall

I wanted to be fair to Michelin & GM and follow up on my first posting about these tires not balancing.
After I made the post Michelin customer service sent me an email with a case number and said to take it to my dealer when I asked for help with new replacement tires.
When I showed the email to the Cadillac service writer he asked me what I would consider fair. I told him that a 40% discount would be fair.
He ordered the new Michelins and they put them on today. I paid the dealers already discounted price less an additional 40%.
As of this point in time, I am very satisfied with my Cadillac dealer and Michelin. Now, only time will tell how this new set of tires will perform. I am hoping I will see 55,000 miles of vibration service.

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