Latitude on Ford Edge

by 1971Titan
(So. California)

My wife an I live in Southern Calif., so by and large there is no inclement weather to speak of. These tires have 65,000 miles on them and they finally need to be replaced. They are mounted on a Ford Edge, not a Porsche Boxster, so your not going to be throwing the vehicle around in the same manner.

The tires are quiet and ride nice. These tires are on my wife's Ford Edge SEL. I own a Ford Edge SE for business. I personally like my BF Goodrich Long Trail tires and am now on my second set. Since my vehicle takes a smaller size than hers, I am able to buy the BF Goodrich tires. Michelin owns BF Goodrich and they are not a second tier tire, but a first tier tire, just like the Michelin tires. Both brands have serve us well.

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