Leaks when very cold

by Richard A Neubauer

The cooper tires are the worst tires I have ever put on my wife's car
She has only 16,000 miles on them but they just will not hold air on her aluminum rims.

We are forever adding air and the worst of it happens when we 30 below zero that is the worst time for us. I have to get up in the morn at 05:00 and check or fill her tires so she can go to work. Being on fixed income I sure can't afford to shell out another $500.00 bucks for new ones
Richard A Neubauer

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Jun 02, 2016
Leaking coopers NEW
by: Richard Neubauer

You say don't blame the tires, blame the rims,
You sound just like the company that I bought
those coopers from, After two years of fighting
flats and having the tire remounted every time
At 16000 I took them off and gave them away and had
some Firestone's installed over one year ago
and no more flat As a retired pro truck driver
I have logged a lot of miles on Firestone's truck
tires, "3 million miles" for 33 years with one company and I repeat, put on coopers at your own risk, I won't ever again

Jun 02, 2016
Tires leaking air? NEW
by: Henry Korpela

Don't blame the tires! I live near Hibbing and the problem is the aluminum wheels especially if they are chrome plated! Damn salted roads!

Dec 17, 2013
Not the tires NEW
by: JoeBlogs

Corrosion on the alloy rims is favourite. Don’t blame the tyres. The low cost way to cure this is to add tyre sealant, it will also protect against future punctures.

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