LTX m/s tires are crap

(Oak Lawn, IL. USA)

I bought a set of LT245-75-16 LTX ms/ tires in 8/09 and put only 29000 miles on them in 3 years before the sidewalls started cracking. The tires are wearing evenly and I have had no other issues other than faulty valve stems.

Michelin claims that the cracks are NOT Defects and are offering me a prorated 45% off a new set. I will not buy another set as we use this vehicle to tow our camper and hold my family of 6,safety is my prime concern and I don't want to spend close to 800 dollars on a set of tires that will most likely crack again. The cracks are occurring on the side wall casing at the tread,there are many other accounts of this same thing on-line with these tires.

I have owned MICHELIN tires in the past with one set lasting me over 80,000 miles but never again. I own a total of 7 vehicles and 2 trailers so this could account for a decent amount of cash that MICHELIN will never see from me again. They state that "YOU HAVE ALLOT RIDING ON YOUR TIRES" and that is exactly why they will not get my future business. I guess in these harsh economic times it is good business practice to NOT make sure each and every one of your customers is completely happy. Sorry Michelin, I will take my tire purchase else where.:(

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