Michelin Commander II M/C Tires Not Impressed

by Michael (WV Road Star)
(Princeton, WV)

Purchased the Commander II tires thinking they would be well worth the money. Placed them on an '06 Road Star. At 12K miles the rear is gone. Experienced rear tire slide in wet weather numerous times under braking. Wheel spin twice under acceleration.

Previously ran Bridgestone Exedera tires with no issues in wet weather conditions. The rear lasted about 4K miles longer.
But not the expected 16k-20k mile tire that was advertised.

The front developed a vibration in cornering to the left at around 30mph at about 10K miles. Best I can tell it is due to tread pattern. One of the groves does not go all the way to the sidewall. It seems to create a high spot where the break in the grove is. This ungroved area doesn't wear evenly with the rest of the tire creating an a shake in the handlebars when cornering.

Air pressure was monitored weekly. For the additional cost and not so impressive grip will not be purchasing again.

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