Michelin Hydro Edge

by Leslie J
(Lorton, VA)

After 4 years and 40k miles, there is significant tread separation on all 4 tiles. The problem appears as cracking between the treads, and major gaps between the sidewall and the tread edge. It is very unsafe, and I have contacted Michelin and will find out tomorrow Jan 31,2014 what if anything they will do to fix it.

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May 22, 2017
Perfect tires NEW
by: SFC Tom Parker Jr

I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP comp. When I purchased the car in 2006 it had Goodyear Eagles on it. The car had 48,000 miles on it. I replaced them at 50,000 because the tires were just gone, I had to slow down to less than 30 MPH to get on the off ramps or take curves on major high ways. My tires are 225/55 R 17 and the car is a wide track. Once I replaced the goodyears with the Michelin my hydroplaning was gone, stopping distance was cut almost in half and I can take any turn at twice the caution speed limit. I now have 162,000 miles on my car and the tires are starting to crack but they still handle great. I'm looking to get new Michelins. My only problem I have is the up front cost but the overall cost is great.
Thanks Michelin
SFC Parker

Sep 05, 2016
Credit NEW
by: Anonymous

I am remiss in providing an update on the complaint about the tires cracking at 40k miles. The bottom line was that Michelin allowed a full credit on the purchase of different Michelin tires.

Sep 04, 2016
Michelin Hydroedge Tires NEW
by: Nancy Koo

I have 40000 miles on my tires and they are severely cracking on the edges just below the threads.
Very disappointed with the tires
Tried to discuss the propylene with Costco and they will only credit me with new installation of new tires
The warranty on the tires are for 90000 miles
So disappointed
Will let Michelin know about the problem
Tires were manufactured in Mexico 2011

Feb 22, 2015
driveability & durability unsurpassed NEW
by: Anonymous

I have purchased two sets of Hydroedge for a late model large Fords. I liked the tire because of its handling characteristics. The wearability is excellent. The cost per mile for one tire is 0.001 or 0.01 cent for four tires per mile. I maintained the air pressure at 37 PSI for the rear and 34 PSI for the front. which is 2 pounds above Ford's recommended pressure. Driving in snow conditions requires caution as it would with any summer tire. If a driver has six months of winter snow conditions it then would be advisable to have two Michelin snow tires installed on the rear drives. Again caution is advised. Ice conditions require studs or chains. Wet ice is the worst condition a driver can imagine.

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