Michelin Hydroedge

by Richard W Smith,Sr
(Ohio, Florida)

In 08 bought four Hydroedge from Walmart P225-60-R17 new stem, lifetime balance, rotation the 9 yards for an 04 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited. I wanted the best and nave bought Michelins exclusively since 1998 and have logged close to 300,000 miles on 96 Honda Accord EX, 98 F250, and now the Toyota.

Now the rub; from the outset they were noisy. As they aged noise seemed to increase. Then there was vibration. Walmart was super good at balancing, rotating, meeting my every complaint. Sometimes they were balanced and rotated at 4-5000 miles. Tire pressure was carefully maintained at 35# but have excessive wear On outside of tire as if driven with low pressure.I am aware that the interstates and some state roads I travel are not up to par. However these tires have vibrated, made noise and generally made me wish they would wear out so I could justify removing them, from day 1. They do provide excellent wet road traction. As for 80,000 mile and now 90,000 wear as the manufacturer suggests, mine are down to 5/32 at last and final rotation three weeks ago. Apparently the left rear has a wobble since, now that it was removed from the left front my steering wheel is steady in turns. They have a little over 60,000 miles. The noise is so bad here in South Central Florida I took it to a garage to see if the wheel bearings were shot. Report; It's your tires. Car does not need alignment, has tight responsive steering. Get some new tires.

So I am disgusted. Love the car, hate the tires. Will buy four Coopers soon.

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Oct 05, 2013
Hydoedge on Sienna amended
by: Richard W Smith Sr

I replaced these Michelins with four Coopers only to find the noise Of which I had complained was from a left front wheel bearing. Second the vibration I complained of was from a bent right rear wheel. Too late to get my Michelins back. Now Cooper CS-4 are nearly as noisy as Michelins with bad bearing AND rebuild wheel has stopped vibration.
MORAL OF THE STORY: before you buy new tires have a reputable mechanic or shop check for bearing noise and bent rims. I had a good 20-30000 miles left om what i thought were "bad" Michelins. I have learned an expensive lesson. Hopes it helps someone sometime.
PS April 13 traded the van for a Camry 13 Hybrid.
Grate car. Quiet finally.

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