Michelin HydroEdge

by David Stanley Smith
(Campbell River, BC, Canada)

The tires perform well on my Pontiac Vibe but the noise is EXCESSIVE. My Nordic snow tires are much quieter. It's a treat to change to winter tires and have a quiet ride. I'm almost tempted to leave my winter tires on year round rather than switch back to the din of my HydroEdges. In fifty years of car ownership, this is the first time I've had summer tires that are noisier than winter tires. At first, I misinterpreted the HydroEdge noise as being a bad wheel bearing or a worn CV joint, but a mechanical inspection proved otherwise. A quick tire switch proved the noise was from the HydroEdges. Although the tires have lots of wear left on them, the noise may tempt me to buy new tires long before the long-wearing HydroEdges are done. Summary: good tire seriously flawed by excessive noise.

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