Michelin Latitude Tours

The Michelin Latitude Tours are the worse tire I have ever had. After 10K miles I have had 2 rear tires go flat as a result of side wall issues. These tires are sub-par in snow as well.

With less than 4K miles on these tires they squeeled on dry pavement. I have mixed emotions regarding fact that these tires only last 50% of what they are suppose to. Maybe that is a good thing you won't have to be worrying about driving on them for too long, of course that is assuming you replace them with a different and hopefully better lasting brand.

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Jul 08, 2012
Same problem!!!
by: tHOMAS

I'm at 12,000 miles, and samething happened to me today while traveling 70MPH on the interstae with my wife, and three teenage girls in the car!! The tread completely seperated from the tire, and tore the inside wheel well cover over my car out!!!!!!!!!! I am not happy at all!!! Never drove this car off road, and never hit anything while driving!!! Only thinh I can figure out is the tire was defective!!!!!!!!! Hope they will replace it, and fix my wheel well covering!!

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