Michelin Latitude Tours

by Kevin Puckett
(Florence, AL)

I have been a Michelin user for almost 20 years. I purchased a set of Latitude Tours last year (early 2011) to replace the Goodyear Forteras on my wife's GMC Acadia. Unfortunately, two of the tires wore down to the wear bars before putting 20,000 miles on them. If it weren't for my local tire shop taking care of me, I would have been out of luck on getting any kind of warranty coverage in May 2012.

I spoke with a gentleman named Dave on the customer care line and he assured me everything would be taken care of. My tire dealer never heard back from them, so I called back the next day to touch base, and had the unfortunate opportunity to speak with "Millie". She stated that Dave and my discussion from the previous day was not in my file, and refused to let me talk to Dave nor would she give me his contact information. She stated that she would be handling my claim moving forward and that she would be speaking with the tire dealer directly.

I've never had such poor customer service anywhere! Even the tire dealer associate felt that she was not helpful or professional as she was accusing my wife of spinning tires and not rotating them....despite the fact that my tire dealer had rotated them every 5k-6000 miles. Unacceptable! Like I said before, I've always felt that Michelin tires were the best, but I found out they won't stand behind their product. I'll never buy another Michelin again.

Many thanks to Wilks Tire and Battery for taking care of me as a customer and helping me get my problem resolved.

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