Michelin Latitute Tour HP Tires - Only 29,176 Miles

by Sandy
(Piscataway, NJ)

I'm very disappointed in my four Michelin Tires - 22/55/18 HP Tour. I purchased my Acura MDX brand new in 2012. I drive locally to work every day which is only 15 mins. a day. (Very limited driving) In April 2015 (2 1/2 years) I had only 29,176 miles, and was told that my tires were worn, and that I needed to replace them.

Prior to that, it seems that sometimes the tires would lose some air. When I contacted Michelin and they evaluated the tires, the did prorate the tires for me. I told them that should never happen at only 29,176 with Michelin tires on a high end vehicle like the Acura MDX.

When I checked the warranty it said for my tires, they should have lasted at least 55k or 6 years. I told Michelin that I was very disappointed, and that I felt that my tires must have been defected to begin with, because in the past I got more than that in cheaper brand tires. When Michelin contacted me, they told me that the warranty that I saw was, "Not a guarantee, rather I could possibly get up to that amount". I nicely told them that if it's not a gurantee then they shouldn't put it in writing, and as far as I was concerned, for high end tires like Michelin, that should have never happened.

Needless to say, I am not pleased with Michelin, and next time I will go with a different brand tires. For brand new tires to go at only 29,176 miles is just not acceptable to me on a high end car and tires. I must say they did contact me, and they did prorate the tires, but again, to me the quality of those tires were just not good in order for that to happen. In the past, I had a car with Cooper tires, and those tires lasted for almost 70,000 miles, and they were much cheaper then Michelin tires.

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