Michelin Lattitude Tour on Equinox 4 cyl.

(Forest Lake, Minnesota)

Were original equip and bought this SUV at 36000 and now has 52000 miles. I'm not aggessive driver, not sure of previous but have only 3 to 4/32 left so need new. Am very critical of noise because many of Interstate roads in MN have grooves which cause noise.

These are pobably fair but on a smooth asphalt road they are quiet. Because they are on an SUV that is rated the highest for MPG I expect GM installed a tire that would help in that aspect.

Satisfied with traction in snow and ice but have nothing to compare side by side so depend on rating companies such as Consumer Reports or Tire Rack. So all in all I'd rate them 7-8 out of 10 in all areas.

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