Michelin LTX m&s

by Tom
(pittsburgh pennsylvania)

purchased in August 2012 on a Honda Pilot put 27000 miles on them when dry rot found between the treads so they would not pass Pennsylvania inspection. I understand that they had a three year warranty but do not feel that hey should have cracked in such short a period of time. Contacted dealer where purchased they said to contact .michelin which I did then took the tires to an authorized service center and was informed that Michelin would at best case reduce the msrp by 20% which the dealer said they would meet or beat on the price so the warranty would be not worth pursuing.
Contacted Michelin several times and kept getting the circle of fun each time so I gave up
Never will buy Michelins again these cost about $1000 I could get two sets of tires in the same time period and would only need to get 13k miles out of each set

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