I purchased new Michelin tires for my truck. My other vehicle had the same tires, and knowing Michelin's reputation I was happy with the purchase. At 40K miles the tires became noisy. I noticed that there was some cracking on the sidewall as well as between the treads. Both sets of tires have similar mileage and both have the same problem.

I was just in a tire shop with a flat repair and was shown just how deep the cracks were, and how unsafe they were. There is 5/32 of tread left and I now have the added expense of replacing 8 tires. Needless to say the next tires WILL NOT be Michelin!!

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Nov 12, 2012
Canada is your problem NEW
by: Anonymous

Salts and chemicals destroy tires as well as any protective coatings you apply to them. It dries them out. Also whatever you wash them with can dry them out. The cold weather does also. Any other brand of tire may have given out for you at 20,000 miles earlier than the Mich's if they were subjected to the same conditions you put them in.

We see Canadian snows come in daily with cracks as you have said at just 10,000 miles or less.

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