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If you're shopping for Michelin Motorcycle Tires (or any motorcycle tire for that matter), the Commander's should certainly be on the top of your short list. Designed in the United States (though manufactured in Spain), the Commanders were prototyped and tested by over 400 "Big Twin" riders. These riders road a combined 500K miles and gave feedback on wear pattern, tire durability, looks, handling, and grip. The result is a product that many consider the "most advanced Michelin motorcycle tires ever."

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The rear tires have Kevlar instead of fiberglass. This helps reduce the centrifugal growth and maintain a larger contact patch. As a result, you have more contact to the road, an increase in traction, and the tire will wear more evenly. Also in the rear tire, Michelin has a higher density cord count that reduces deformation of the casing. 

H-rated for speeds up to 130 mph and approved fitments for Harley-Davidson models in the following sizes:


Most professional motorcycle tire reviews have very few negative comments on the Commanders. Freeway driving is one area where these tires really shine. Riding on worn out and re-patched roads cause more vibration and bounce on the Dunlop D402's vs. the Commanders. The composition of the Michelin's provides much more absorption of shock and vibration on these road conditions.

Commander tires have a "soft compound" that sticks to the ground and is less apt to get out of shape. Riders will appreciate how well these tires respond when reconnecting to the pavement or 'jumping' out of black ice. Always a good thing when you you'd rather not leave skin on the road.

As stated above, the Commander's have a soft compound which is in contrast to the hard-compound found on the D402 Dunlop motorcycle tires. We were not able to find reviews or conclusions to the durability on one vs the other. If you have any experience with these tires in regards to tire durability between the D402's and the Commanders please let us know. (you can write your own motorcycle tire review at the bottom of this page).

The general consensus is that the wear of this softer rubber is quite good. Some rental outfits have stated that the Commander's may have the durability to meet that of the D402's, but we have not been able to verify that.

Non-biased online reviews on the Commander Motorcycle Tire:


  • "There is no comparison between these and the stock Dunlop's. The Commanders are superior in stability at high speeds, twisty country roads, and cornering in general."

  • "Michelin's are far better than the factory Dunlop's that come on the Harley's."

  • "A softer tire, but wear about the same as the Dunlop's for me"

  • "The Michelin's hold the road in dry, and very well in wet... I love these tires and will continue putting them on my bike. I would recommend these tires to anyone riding a cruiser, they are one of the few after market tires that have a true 902 lb load rating."

  • "It corners and hugs the dry pavement well and as soon as my front Dunlop wears out I will be changing out to the Commander."

  • "The tire grips the road better than any other tire that I have experienced on a bike. There have been instances where I've been caught in the rain or had to hit the rear brake hard, but the tire never lost traction. Highly recommend!"

  • "This tire has given me the best tread wear of any I have tried. 9000 miles and still going."


  • "I'm finished buying discount motorcycle tires. These are my first set of Michelin motorcycle tires and they are noticeably better in cornering and traction through the turn"

  • " Better cornering (at least comparable to my previous Dunlop motorcycle tires) and didn't’t follow highway grooves. They are a bit firmer."

  • "Seems like I just put away my motorcycle tire change and already have 500 miles on these Commanders. This tire is everything I expected. "

Negative Comments:

  • "A very nice handling tire but very poor tread life. The only reason I bought this tire again is to match the rear that only had around 1000 miles on it."

Final thoughts from

Michelin motorcycle tires are somewhat expensive. The fronts cost about $120-145 and the rears are around $170. Based on the reviews however, the performance and quality really make up for it.

The Commander's have a great look and the soft rubber give a smooth ride. They handle like radials and appear to last about as long as their hard-rubber competitors.

For more details see the Michelin Commander page.



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