Michelin Pilot Super Sport

by Kari
(Jupiter, Fl )

After 4 months of owning the Michelin Pilot Super Sport I noticed a problem with the tire. The car was brought back to the tire shop who required me to purchase a new $340 tire so this tire could be sent to Michelin for inspection. After months of getting the round around, I finally contacted Michelin Consumer care to learn that a claim was never file for my tire. After filing my own claim with Michelin, the run around came from Michelin Cusomter Care. For some reason, Michelin will not release the inspection report for this tire, rather suggested that I purchase a different car that requires biggeer tires. Really? That is their solution to my tire problem.

This was my first set of Michelin tires and will be my last. Don't waste your money on Michelin tires!

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