Michelin Radial X

by Chris Jennings
(Los Angeles, CA USA)

Michelin Radial X tires are the best tires I've ever owned.

I've been driving and repairing my own light trucks for over 30 years and I've owned a small business for 24 years.

When at work, I carry from 1,000 pounds to 1,400 pounds on my work truck. When at play, I enjoy sliding around turns and drifting in my play truck. I also own dirt bikes and change my own tires by hand so I have knowledge about tire performance.

With that said, let me tell you something about these tires. They tend to stick to the ground (the rubber is supple) in wet and dry conditions (they don't let me slide out) and the 80,000 mile tread life is accurate.

These tires take abuse and out preform all others I've tried. I paid $82.99 per tire (not including tax, balancing, disposal fees, etc.) at Costco this May 2011 and plan on using these tires as long as they are available. The rubber and construction are superior at a good price.

Thanks Michelin, I'm brand loyal for life.

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