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Michelin Tires X Radial is a premium touring tire with an 80,000 mile limited warranty. Depending upon the size, the X is available in either an S or T speed rating. With a massive 80,000 mile warranty, the X Radial is follows suit with many other Michelin tires with a reputation of great durability and quality.


Michelin incorporates their 'MaxTouch' construction that has a distinctive contact patch shape. This design allows for long lasting tread and even wear. According to Michelin the X Radials last up to 15,000 more miles than their leading competitor.

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A smooth and quiet ride is increased with Michelin's 'Comfort Control Technology'. This is a high precision / computer-optimized design used in manufacturing that specifically reduces road noise and vibration. Full-depth sips are incorporated into an all-weather tread pattern to increase traction in rain and snow. Because of these 'full-depth' sips, the high level of traction is said to last the lifetime of the tire.


Cooper TiresIn a comparison of all season radial tires by Consumer Reports, the Michelin X Radial was #2 overall, and rated #1 in handling. This was in comparison among approximately 20 different tires.

Classified as a "premium touring tire" as opposed to all-season radials. This means Michelin Tires X Radial is better than most of the all-season radials that come with a new car. They are not performance tires though, and they are not the top of the line tire for Michelin, but the online tire reviews (as well as the Consumer Reports review) put this tire towards the top of the Michelin tire list.

Due to their superior tread wear and handling in wet weather, the X Radials got the number 2 spot in the Consumer Reports review, and a high Uniform Tire Quality Grading (UTQG) was the key to such a good review. This rating establishes how tread wear changes for every 800 miles (over 7,200 total miles of testing). The Michelin X Radials received a rating of 740 (a rating of 600 is considered excellent), this is more than twice the durability of the Eagle GA.


Let's see some quotes from online tire reviews:

Positive Online Tire Review Comments:

  • "After owning the X Radial tires I can see the value of owning a very quiet set of tires. The X Radial was the only tire that in Consumer Reports that rated excellent in both handling and noise."

  • "The handling is excellent on dry and wet pavement."

  • "Stopping with these Michelins has been impressive. On at least one occasion I slammed on the breaks when the pavement was wet, and the X Radials did the job. Whew!!"

  • "Resistant to wheel spin and deliver nice grip during acceleration. The grip on the X Radial is commendable"

  • "The X Radials continue to perform as advertised and are possibly the best tires I have ever owned. "


Negative Comments:

  • "Developed some road noise at around 45K miles"

  • "Only available through Costco Tire Center and Sam's Club"

  • "At 40,000 miles at least one tire began to hum, and it's been noisy ever since. I rotate my tires frequently and there are no signs of scalloping [cups or dips in the tread]. These tires have been balanced two times and still isn't right."

  • "These tires are average among the all-season tires I've owned. If you live in an area that sees heavy snowfall, don't expect these tires to do well"


Final thoughts from

Not for snowy conditions, and you must have a Costco or Sam's Club membership to purchase, but the professional and consumer reviews of the Michelin X Radials are very good. There are some mixed feelings as to whether the X Radials are over priced, but most of the online tire reviews concur that the quality supports the price.

We have added the couple of quotes regarding some wheel noise (since there were more than one). This wasn't a common thread of complaint, but should be mentioned. There may be something to the balancing of the tires, or the point of hitting $40+ miles. If you purchase these tires (as with all tires), make sure that you rotate your tires frequently. Also check the wear regularly.

Michelin has delivered a fantastic mid-range tire in their lineup. The price isn't too bad considering the warranty, and Costco Tire Centers frequently have Michelin Tire Rebates. Check Costco and Sam's for Michelin tire price lists too.


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