Michelin Tires

I have been using Michelin tires on my vehicles going back to the late 80's and the XZX series.

Personally, I think they provide the best traction on wet roads and they last roughly twice as long as other brands, in some cases three times longer. This is significant when you think about all the cost of buying new tires; mounting, balancing, taxes, disposal fees and my time.

All the new cars I have purchased have come with various non-Michelin brands of tires that rarely lasted more than 30-35K miles. The car manufacture probably bought them from the lowest bidder.

On dry pavement, tires have roughly the same traction unless it is a sports car, where the suspension can be worked harder and the car pushed through corners at higher speeds, and more aggressive braking. But, performance sports car tires are made to have more traction, and consequently, a shorter life due to softer rubber compounds.

I have bought 4 sets of Michelin Hydroedge tires in the past 10 years for my 2 vehicles. Each set I easily lasted 75K miles and they would still pass state inspection but I don't like running them to minimums because of the amount of driving I do.

I am now in the market for either the Latitude Tour or the Michelin LTX MS2 for a ½ truck. I need a long wearing tire with good wet weather traction that, if possible, can improve my fuel mileage. I don’t care about off-road traction.
If you keep your cars for the long haul, 6-10+ years, Michelin tires are the best value available.

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