Michelin X Radial - 2005 Honda CRV

I put a set of Michelin X Radials on my 2005 Honda CRV after a strong dislike for the feel of the OEM Bridgestones. Granted, the Bridgestones lasted 80k miles, but they felt like they danced all over the road.

I purchased the Michelin X Radials at Sam's Club based upon many good reviews that I had read. Initial performance was outstanding, a huge improvement in both handling and road noise versus the Bridgestones.

However, particularly since about 40k miles on the X Radials, the road noise has been nearly unbearable. I have rotated these tires very consistently every 5000-6000 miles. I now have 60k on the X Radials, and I am seriously considering buying new tires simply to get something that isn't so noisy. I even thought that maybe I was being too sensitive to the noise until someone rode with me and asked what the #*@# was wrong with my tires. This is the only set of Michelins that I have had difficulty with, but I don't think my next set will be Michelins, certainly not X Radials.

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