misunderstood tire

by Ken
(New Jersey )

One of the things most often with a performance tire is that it has a soft compound and will wear out sooner than a standard passenger car tire ,these RSA are only expected to last about 26k and may have tread left over time but have lost the "stick" to the road.I have 35k and 8/32 on my OEM tires,They have very good dry and wet traction snow and ice should be judged by conditions permitting.If you live in a cold climate with harsh winter's you really want a winter tire because all season tires are just a compromise to save money and time. So always look at when the tire was made, treadwear and traction information and then you have a better idea how long the tires expected life is really going to be,and a tire also has a shelf life of 4 to 5 years regardless of miles.

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