My Cooper tire review

by Mike
(Altoona, PA)

Simply put, these tires are JUNK. First of all, they were already on my Oldsmobile Aurora when I bought it used. I guess the previous owner decided to take the cheap way out when it was time to replace the tires.

I drive 110 miles a day to work and back (all nice interstate highway) on a daily basis, and after 8 months and 20,000 miles they have become the noisiest tires I have ever owned. I don't know how those other reviews above can say they are so quiet. They howl like crazy, and it sounds like a belt could be separating in one or two of them.

They are also horrible in snow, even with traction control on the car. It's too bad that I have to replace these tires so soon, even though there appears to be plenty of tread left (approx. 4-5/32's). I had another set of Coopers on a different vehicle not too long ago, and they were junk too. Noise must be their characteristic trait, thus I will never purchase a pair.

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