Never Again with this Brand

Leased a new Subaru 3.6R Legacy in 2012 for 4 yr. term, and have accumulated 40K on the unit, and it's time to return. I have spent too many hours with both Subaru and Bridgestone dealers on minimizing road noise from these tires - each one points to the other. Noise started at about 8K. Car is 'grocery store and back' vehicle, and drives 2 km on gravel, 14 km on paved roads each way, with only 2 highway road trips. This vehicle is supposed to be an upper quality unit, and on the highway it runs great, but dependant on pavement quality, the road noise is at time unbearable. I can close my eyes and tell by the noise when new pavement starts, or patches of roadway use different asphalt mixtures. Only relief is winter (snow covered) roads! The tires are Bridgestone Turanza EL 400 P225 50R17. Alignment/tire pressure/wheel rotation/etc. etc. have all been tried with no end satisfaction. Subaru and Bridgestone dealers both agree there is no uneven wear on any tire. Both note the noise.

Subaru wants me to lease a new vehicle, and my first condition was that if it came with Bridgestone tires, I want them replaced with other manufacturer.Enough already.

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