Never again

by Cynthia

I have four CS4 tires on a Volvo V70 wagon. I was disappointed with Yokohama tires and decided to change brands. Huge mistake. These have been nothing but a headache. These are supposed to be good for 80K miles and I have only 24K miles to date on this set. They have been rotated regularly and are less two years old. The problems began this summer when they started losing air around the rims. I can't tell you how many times I have been back to the shop to have these tires ground and sealed. I've never had this experience with a tire ever. This fall I started to notice that the rear was slipping on wet pavement when leaving a light or turning a corner. Then the road noise started. This winter has truly been a joy. In fact, when I was having a tie rod replaced, the mechanic told me I would need tires this Spring as the rear ones are cupping! I contacted Cooper by email and got the usual "it must be something with your car" line. Nope, not buying it and I will pursue them for a credit if possible. Unfortunately for them, I purchased and had all maintenance performed by the same shop which maintains a database complete with all of my records. I just read that they have replaced the CS4 with the CS5 which is a superior tire. Could it be because the CS4's were defective? I also have a friend with the same tire and the exact same problems. No more Cooper tires for me. I'm done.

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