No more Commander II's for me

Put Commander II's on my 2005 Harley Deuce 8000 miles ago. Front MH90-21 wore to an unusable 1/32 in 5000 miles. Replaced with same brand and sized front tire and 3000 miles of rapid wear later I expect no more than the same 5000 miles on the front. Rear 160/70-17 is at 2/32 and a high speed weave in corners developed a few weeks ago. I am obsessive about tire pressures and check before each ride. 40# rear and 32# front solo and 42# rear and 36# front two up. My other bike is a Hayabusa so I push my iron hard. Going back to Avons and expect to get 5000 miles on the rear with twice that on the front. Lack of stability and curious handling is a deal breaker for me.

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